Airmax Classic Nasal Dilator 1x S

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Airmax® Classic nasal dilator eases nasal breathing, reduces the feeling of a congested nose (e.g. with allergies, a cold, a deviation of the nasal septum) and is able to help with snoring related to nasal breathing.


How does Airmax® Classic nasal dilator work?

Airmax® nasal dilator (also known as nasal stent or intranasal stenting device) improves the airflow by softly spreading the nostrils and easily opening the nasal passage.

Is your nose often congested?

Airmax® can be worn both during the day and at night. The nasal dilator reduces the feeling of a nasal congestion with allergies, a cold, a pregnancy, during air travel, a deviation of the nasal septum, a constriction of the nasal valve etc. Airmax® widens the narrowest part of the nasal entrance and thus increases the airflow during inhalation and exhalation. The need to use nasal drops or nasal spray can be reduced.

Are you snoring?

Airmax® makes it easier to breathe asleep so that you need to open your mouth for breathing less often or not at all. Snoring related to nasal breathing can thus be reduced.

Clinical studies

Airmax® was developed together with ENT physicians and medical engineers. Clinical studies have repeatedly proven its effectiveness.

Material and sizes

The soft, odorless and medically certified silicon (S.E.B.S) guarantees a comfortable wear of the Airmax®. It works in a purely mechanical way and is drug-free. To ensure a maximum effect, Airmax® should be replaced with a new unit every three months. Size S (small) is usually appropriate for women and M (medium) for men. A small storage case is supplied and makes the Airmax® a practical travelling companion.

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