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PosiForm anti-snoring pillow for the correct sleeping position at night.


PosiForm anti-snoring-pillow

The unique and patented Posiform anti-snoring pillow from Oscimed, a Swiss manufacturer, was developed on the basis of scientific insights and, using its various zones, gently induces the sleeping person to sleep in a lateral position. It prevents sleeping in supine position, which promotes snoring and breathing interruptions.

The head is naturally tilted to the side thanks to the raised foam in the middle of the pillow and the recesses on the left and right sides. The lateral head position and ergonomic shape of the pillow cause the lower jaw to be in a slightly extended position. The respiratory tract remains open and unblocked by soft tissue in the throat area or the tongue. A recess for the earlobes further contributes to a confortable positioning of the head.

The pillow is made from high quality materials. The plant-based, viscoelastic and odorless memory shape foam relieves sensitive pressure points. The bottom cover is made from 100 percent cotton, the upper cover from sweat-absorbing, soft bamboo fiber velour.

The Posiform head pillow is also suited for use in combination with other anti-snoring remedies, for example, breathing masks or snoring splints.

Alternatively, we also offer an electrostimulation device that induces the patient to change the sleeping position as soon as the patient lies on his back by using a gentle vibration stimulus. Click here for the Somnibel Sleep Position Trainer .

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