SomnoGuard 3 Mandibular Advancement Device

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SomnoGuard® 3 is a one-part, thermoplastic oral appliance against snoring and breathing stops at night.


Description SomnoGuard® 3 oral appliance

Suitable for: Patients with every jaw size. However, the model requires a well-functioning nasal breathing and a complete dental status.

SomnoGuard® 3 is a one-piece thermoplastic mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (nightly breathing stops). The appliance is inserted into the mouth at night and ensures a slight advancement of the lower jaw and tongue. This opens the upper respiratory tract and reduces or at best even prevents the vibration and fluttering of the soft tissues (soft palate and uvula), which are responsible for the typical snoring noise.

  • Made in Germany
  • The oral appliance can easily be fitted within minutes.
  • Lower jaw advancement from approx. 0 to 5 mm by biting into the material
  • Very affordable
  • No use of metallic components
  • Effectiveness repeatedly proven by clinical studies
  • Further development compared to SomnoGuard®: new design enables improved tooth retention and secure fit of the appliance
  • The monoblock mandibular advancement device is made of a biocompatible, thermoplastic material that becomes soft and mouldable after heating in a boiling water bath. By biting into the plastic material, it can be formed according to the teeth and jaw formation (comparable to a dental impression). The material used does not contain any allergens; no latex; no silicone; no plasticizers (such as BPA).

    To achieve an optimal therapeutic result it is recommended that SomnoGuard® 3 is fitted by a physician (e.g., dentist, ENT physician, physician in the sleep laboratory) or their trained medical staff.

    A small storage case is supplied and makes SomnoGuard® 3 a practical travelling companion. For the gentle care of our protrusion splints, we recommend the care series from Curaprox (also available in the online shop).

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