SomnoGuard SP Hard Anti Snoring Mouth Guard

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SomnoGuard® SP Hard is a two-part incrementally adjustable anti snoring mouth guard to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

What is SomnoGuard® SP Hard anti snoring mouth guard?

SomnoGuard® SP Hard is a two-part, incrementally adjustable anti snoring mouth guard to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (breathing stops at night). It is also called mandibular advancement device or anti snoring mouth piece.

For whom is SomnoGuard® SP Hard suitable?

SomnoGuard® SP Hard anti snoring mouth guard is suitable for patients with a small to medium jaw size, a retrognathic or deep bite.

How does the anti snoring mouth guard work?

You wear SomnoGuard® SP Hard in the mouth at night. The anti snoring mouth piece moves the lower jaw and tongue slightly forward. This prevents the airways from being blocked during sleep. Opening the respiratory tract can reduce or at best even prevent snoring and breathing stops.

Characteristics of SomnoGuard® SP Hard

  • Made in Germany
  • Easy and fast fitting
  • Incremental advancement of the lower jaw from approx. -3 to +10 mm
  • Mouth breathing and opening possible
  • No use of metal components
  • Hard thermoplastic impression material ensures excellent tooth retention

How to fit SomnoGuard® SP Hard?

SomnoGuard® SP Hard is made of a biocompatible, thermoplastic material. The material softens when heated in a boiling water bath. By biting into the material, it forms according to the individual tooth and jaw formation creating dental impressions. Two connectors, which connect the upper and lower jaw trays laterally with each other, move the lower jaw forward from - 3 to approx. +10 mm.

Hint:To achieve an optimal therapeutic result, we recommend that SomnoGuard® SP Hard anti snoring mouth guard is fitted by a physician. E.g. a dentist, ENT physician, physician in the sleep laboratory or their trained medical staff.


The plastic material used is medically harmless. It does not contain any allergens, no latex, no silicone and no plasticizers (such as BPA).

Product accessories

We supply a small storage case which and makes SomnoGuard® SP Hard a practical travelling companion. For the gentle care of our SomnoGuard® mouth splints, we recommend the Curaprox Care Set. Alternatively, Curaprox daily and Curaprox weekly are also available separately.


Are you looking for a tooth splint with soft, thermoplastic material? Then our SomnoGuard® SP Soft oral appliance is the right choice for you.

Alternatively we offer further medical anti snore devices against snoring & sleep apnoea, e.g. our Airmax® Classic nasal dilator, our PosiForm snoring pillow or our Somnibel sleep position trainer.

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