SomnoGuard SPX Mandibular Advancement Device

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SomnoGuard® SPX is a two-piece oral appliance and our latest development of thermoplastic SomnoGuard® mandibular advancement devices against snoring and breathing stops.

What is SomnoGuard® SPX?

SomnoGuard® SPX is a two-piece mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring and mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (breathing pauses at night). It is our latest development in the field of prefabricated SomnoGuard® oral appliances.

How does the appliance work?

The oral appliance is worn in the mouth at night. With the help of two side connectors, SomnoGuard® SPX holds the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the upper airway. This can reduce or prevent the vibration and fluttering of the soft tissues (soft palate and uvula) and thus the typical snoring sound.

Features of SomnoGuard® SPX:

  • Made in Germany
  • Thermoplastic material with memory effect (multiple fitting possible)
  • High wearing comfort thanks to delicate design
  • Width of the trays can be adapted according to the jaw size
  • Millimetre-precise mandibular advancement
  • Mouth breathing and mouth opening possible
  • Also suitable for receding lower jaw

Who is SomnoGuard® SPX suitable for?

SomnoGuard® SPX is suitable for any jaw size, including patients with a receding lower jaw (retrognathia).

How is SomnoGuard® SPX fitted

The two trays of the appliance each consist of a hard outer shell and a prefabricated thermoplastic material with memory effect. After heating the trays in a hot water bath, the thermoplastic material becomes soft. By biting on the teeth, the material shapes itself according to the individual tooth formation. After cooling in cold water, the material hardens again and thereupon retains its new shape.

A special slot mechanism in the front centre of the trays allows the width of the trays to be changed. By slightly pressing the trays together or pulling them apart, they can be adjusted to different jaw sizes after heating in a hot water bath. The upper and lower jaw trays are connected to each other by lateral connectors and the advancement can be adjusted. The package includes two screw connectors as well as a connector set (connectors without screws). It is recommended to start the therapy with the screw connectors and, once the optimal protrusion has been determined, to use the connectors from the set (connectors without screws) for long-term use. However, therapy can also be started directly with the connectors without screws. Depending on the extent of the mandibular advancement set, the upper airways are more open.

Note: To achieve an optimal therapeutic result, it is recommended to have SomnoGuard® SPX fitted by a doctor (e.g. ENT doctor, doctor in sleep laboratory, dentist) or their specialist staff.


The thermoplastic material is biocompatible and contains no allergens, no latex, no silicone, no plasticisers (such as BPA)


We supply a small storage box with the product. This makes SomnoGuard® SPX a practical travel companion. The delivery also includes a special fitting aid that facilitates fitting.For the gentle care of our SomnoGuard® mouth splints, we recommend Curaprox daily and Curaprox weekly.

Do you grind your teeth at night or have strong jaw movements? Then the SomnoGuard® AP 2 mandibular advancement device is right for you.

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