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PosiForm snoring pillow (anti snore pillow) for the correct sleeping position at night with positional snoring & OSA.

Background: Snoring related to supine position

Approximately 60 % of all men and 40 % of all women over 45 years snore. About 66 % of habital snorers are positional meaning that they snore primarily when lying on the back. By preventing supine position, snoring and breathing stops can be reduced or prevented.

PosiForm snoring pillow when snoring in supine position

The ergonomically shaped Posiform snoring pillow (also called anti snore pillow) is manufactured by the Swiss company Oscimed. Thanks to its patented design, the snoring pillow gently stimulates the sleeper to sleep on the side. It prevents sleeping in supine position, which promotes snoring and breathing interruptions.

How does the anti snore pillow work?

The PosiForm snore pillow consists of different zones. Thanks to the central ridge and the recesses on the left and right side, the head falls gently to the side. In addition, a recess for the ear provides a comfortable head position.

Special characteristics of the snoring pillow

  • can reduce snoring
  • different zones in the pillow encourage sleeping on the side
  • comfortable head position
  • natural materials
  • machine washable covers


The PosiForm anti snore pillow is a high-quality product made of natural materials. The natural, viscoelastic, odourless memory foam relieves sensitive pressure points. The bottom cover is made of 100 % cotton, the upper cover ist made of an anti-sweat velvet-bamboo. Both covers are machine washable at 60 °C.


Hint: You can also use the snoring pillow in combination with other anti snore devices such as our SomnoGuard mouth splints, e.g. our SomnoGuard SP Soft oral appliance.

Alternatively, we offer an electrostimulation device to prevent suppine position. The sleep position trainer induces the patient to change position as soon as the patient lies on his back by using a gentle vibration stimulus.

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