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The Somnibel sleep position trainer is a new system for the treatment of positional sleep apnoea syndrome or snoring. When sleeping in supine position, a gentle vibration induces the patient to change position.

Background: Positional sleep apnoea / snoring

Studies prove that the number of breathing stops during sleep in supine position is often twice as high as in lateral position. If patients primarily snore when lying on their back, this is referred to as positional sleep apnoea syndrome or snoring. By avoiding the supine position during sleep, the number of breathing stops and snoring is reduced or prevented.

How does the Somnibel Sleep Position Trainer work?

The Somnibel sleep position trainer is placed to the chest or forehead using a hypoallergenic adhesive. Somnibel is able to detect the sleeping position of the patient during sleep. As soon as the patient lies on the back, Somnibel sleep position trainer generates a gentle vibrating stimulus. This encourages the patient to change the sleeping position. If the patient does not change position, the stimulus intensity increases 30 seconds later. In total, there are four intensity levels. A video about the effectiveness of our Somnibel sleep position trainer is available on Youtube: Video.

Advantages of Somnibel

  • suits any adult
  • simple & comfortable use
  • no side effects
  • non-invasive
  • learning effect*
  • Somnibel is a class IIa device manufactured in accordance with European Directive on Medical Devices and the highest quality standards. Link to certification:
  • Somnibel has been validated clinically in 2 of the best European sleep units. Link to clinical studies:

Somnibel has been developed under and is protected by an international patent.

*Through regular use of the Somnibel sleep position trainer, the body gets used to the correct sleeping position. The position therapy thus creates a kind of learning effect: many affected people do not need a position trainer after a while, because they automatically sleep on their side.

For whom is Somnibel suitable?

The Somnibel sleep position trainer is suitable for patients over 18 years of age with a weight of at least 40 kg and a height of 145 cm.

Content Somnibel Sleep Position Trainer

  • Somnibel sleep position trainer
  • USB charger
  • 30 fastening adhesives
  • user's manual


A recent study of 2019 examines the efficacy of the Somnibel sleep position trainer for the treatment of positional snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). The result: Somnibel reduces the time patients spend in the supine position effectively and improves the apnoea hypopnea index (AHI) as well as oxygen saturation in the blood (SaO2). The sleep position trainer is well tolerated by the test persons. Further information on the Study can be found in the "PDF" tab. 

Alternatively, we offer a snoring pillow, anti snoring backpacks or a snoring belt to prevent supine position during sleep. If you snore regardless of your sleeping position, our SomnoGuard® mouth splints, such as our SomnoGuard® 3 anti snoring mouthpiece or our SomnoGuard® AP 2 mandibular advancement device are the right thing for you.



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Somnibel study

A recent study from 2019 examines the efficacy of the Somnibel sleep position trainer for the treatment of positional snoring and sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS).

Somnibel study

Broschüre Somnibel

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Broschüre Somnibel

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Broschüre Schlafmedizin

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