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SomnoCushion® Comfort positioning aid ensures the correct sleeping position at night and effectively prevents snoring and breathing stops.

Background: Snoring in supine position

One of the most common reasons for snoring is the sleep in supine position (back position). Especially in the supine position, the lower jaw and tongue can fall back. The soft tissue and tongue can thus narrow the upper respiratory tract. The breathing air is sucked in faster and with higher pressure. This leads to the vibration and fluttering of the soft tissue known as the typical snoring noise.

Preventing supine position with SomnoCushion® Comfort positioning aid

You wear the SomnoCushion® Comfort positioning aid like a normal backpack at night. The anti snoring backpack prevents you from lying on the back while sleeping. If you primarily snore in supine position, wearing the positioning aid can effectively reduce or prevent your snoring.


The anti snoring backpack is suitable for patients with normal weight or slight overweight. We recommend our SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device to patients who are severely overweight, as it is more resilient.


SomnoCushion® Comfort positioning aid is available in an universal size. It can be worn regardless of body height.

Composition & material

The backpack cover of SomnoCushion® Comfort consists of a resistant cotton fabric (65 % polyester, 35 % cotton). It contains an air cushion that can be inflated by mouth. You can adjust the air pressure and the belt tension in the abdominal and shoulder area. The individual adjustment options ensure a high level of wearing comfort. Due to its low weight, the anti snoring backpack is hardly noticeable at night.

Difference from SomnoCushion® Comfort & Standard

The Comfort version differs from the Standard version by softer, coloured straps and an extra chest strap. The chest strap prevents the backpack from slipping during sleep. SomnoCushion® Comfort is also equipped with quick-release buckles instead of sliding buckles. Thus you only need to adjust the positioning aid once during the first use. The positioning aid is also ideal for travelling, as you can stow it in any luggage to save space.

Learning effect

By wearing the the positioning aid on regular basis, the body gets used to sleeping in a lateral position. Positional therapy can create a learning effect. Many people will no longer need a positioning aid after a while, because they automatically sleep on their side.


Are you looking for a cheaper alternative? Then our SomnoCushion Standard anti snoring backpack is the right thing for you. Alternatively, we offer a snoring pillow, a snoring belt or an electronic sleep position trainer to prevent supine position.

You snore regardless of your sleeping position? Then our mouth splints against snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, e.g. our SomnoGuard SP Hard anti snoring mouth guard, may be right for you.

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