SomnoCushion Pro Positional Sleep Device

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SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device effectively prevents back position while sleeping. It is also known as anti snoring backpack.

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Background: The right sleeping position against positional snoring

Studies show that the number of nocturnal breathing stops in supine position (back position) is often twice as high as in lateral position. Positional snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can often be significantly reduced by avoiding the sleep in supine position. Patients who primarily snore when lying on their back should thus try to sleep on their side or stomach.

Preventing supine position with SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device

Positioning aids support the correct sleeping position for snoring and sleep apnoea. You wear SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device like a normal backpack at night. The anti snoring backpack safely prevents the back position and encourages the sleep in lateral position.

For whom is SomnoCushion® Pro suitable?

The SomnoCushion® Pro positional sleep device is particularly suitable for overweight patients with a BMI of 28/29 or higher. Its robust material makes it more resistant than SomnoCushion® Standard anti snoring backpack or SomnoCushion® Comfort positioning aid.

Composition & material

The ultra-light backpack cover consists of a tear-resistant nylon fabric. Inside the backpack cover is a high-quality, resistant inner cushion. The inner cushion is filled with a mixture of polyester fiber and foam flakes. Both fillers are certified according to OEKO-TEX. SomnoCushion® Pro adapts to your individual back shape due to its special texture and allows a high wearing comfort. The padded and length-adjustable waist and shoulder straps ensure that the anti snoring backpack is comfortable to wear and does not slip when sleeping. You can fasten the straps with a practical Velcro fastener. As an alternative to the inner cushion, we offer an air cushion for SomnoCuhsion® Pro that can be inflated with the mouth. The air cushion is particularly light and can be stored space-savingly after deflation. It is ideal for travelling.


The positional sleep device is available in two sizes: size 1 (S-M, waist belt 108 x 19 x 8 cm), size 2 (L-XXXL, waist belt 143 x 19 x 8 cm). Note: The size follows the size of tops.

Learning effect

By wearing the positional sleep device regularly, the body gets used to sleeping on the side. Positional therapy can thus create a learning effect. After some time, many patients no longer need positioning aids as they automatically sleep on their side.


Are you looking for a cheaper alternative that is still robust? Then our SomnoBelt snoring belt is the right thing for you. Alternatively, we offer a snoring pillow, a snoring belt or an electronic sleep position trainer to prevent supine position.

You snore regardless of your sleeping position? Then our SomnoGuard mouth splints against snoring and mild to moderate OSA, such as our SomnoGuard® 3 anti snoring mouthpiece or our SomnoGuard® AP 2 mandibular advancement device, maybe the right thing for you.

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